From our ChatOps to yours

by Serhat Can Sep 28, 2016

At OpsGenie, we do our best to be punctual and early adapters of new features released by the companies we integrate with. We want to stay flexible while providing a complete workflow and feature set.

Not so long ago, Slack introduced, “Interactive Buttons,” which OpsGenie had a great tested use case for! So, we started working on it. As an early adapter, our previous Slack Application (App) was already part of the directory; which led us to build a brand new Slack App.

Add to Slack Button

First, we implemented an “Add to Slack” button for easy installation of our app. Now, our users can easily create an integration and are no longer stuck copy and pasting API Keys!


Slash Commands

We have always supported most actions through Slash Commands. Now, we’re supporting a new command, /genie connect, as a part of our new Slack App.

The /genie connect command is used to execute alert actions as your OpsGenie user in Slack. Admins/team admins can select this option as mandatory by using the “require matching user” option on the OpsGenie Integration page. The Chat User Mapping docs page has more information regarding this feature.



Incoming Webhooks

We use Slack’s incoming webhooks feature to send messages to Slack in real time. When an OpsGenie alert action executes, a brief message is sent to Slack through the incoming webhooks.

Interactive Buttons!

Interactive Buttons is a killer feature on our new Slack app. Now, OpsGenie users can use interactive Slack buttons to acknowledge, unacknowledge, or close alerts. Results return to the users in near real time. We also mention Slack users who execute actions so that others can see the user easily. Other than updating previously clicked messages, we send a new message to summarize and inform users of the action.


New interactive Slack buttons are particularly ideal for non-technical users. However, for more technical users, we provided an option to not use Slack buttons.

Detailed information is available on our Slack App Integration docs page. We would love to hear your feedback and we are open to new ideas. Feel free to chat with our Customer Success Team about the new Slack App on!