What does OpsGenie offer IT infrastructures built on AWS technologies?
  • Using OpsGenie you can prepare for incidents that have the potential to impact business. Set-up routing rules, teams, on-call schedules, and escalation policies before critical events occur.
  • OpsGenie can reformat and add additional data to AWS alarms and notifications to ensure the resulting alerts contain the critical and meaningful information that your organization’s responders need to know.
  • When problems occur, OpsGenie then notifies the right people through multiple notification channels, such as email, SMS, phone call, iOS and Android pushes.
  • OpsGenie coordinates your team’s response. OpsGenie can forward alerts to collaboration tools, such as Slack, MS Teams, and HipChat and spawn conference bridges to facilitate instant meetings.
  • OpsGenie can speed communication to all stakeholders, even those outside the response team. Incident status pages are created automatically and notifications can be sent to specific individuals on-demand or as part of a defined procedure.
  • With reporting and advanced analytics, OpsGenie enables you to analyze the incident and highlights areas for improvement.